I-CHANGE company offers a full range of financial services, such as:

As a customer-oriented financial company, I-change offers a wide range of money transfer systems, that helps our customers to choose the most convenient and low-cost system, providing unique solutions for foreign workers, agricultural students, tourists, new immigrants and Israeli residents in need of transfer and exchange options. Additionally, I-Change specializes in collective entrust transfers for collective farms (kibbutz), villages, corporations and factories, providing them with fast and inexpensive services.

I-Change offers personal, courteous, professional, fast and inexpensive services in comparison to competitors.

The company is conveniently located in the center of the city of Eilat, in the Red Canyon Government Ministries Complex, along with other institutions such as the Income Tax Office, Ministry of the Interior, Customs Eilat, VAT Office, etc. The complex is secured 24/7 therefore providing our customers security and peace of mind.

Our Vision

To be the leading company that provides financial services

I-Change is a company that continually invests in seeking the best innovative technological services and offering customers contemporary financial solutions.


The owner of “Raz Haim – Currency Services Ltd.” – Company number 515329415 is the holder of a “Currency Services Providers” certificate of the Ministry of Finance and has all necessary permissions required to manage a lawful currency exchange office. Raz has over 20 years’ experience in operations and management and believes in professional, personal and reliable service, above all.