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Order foreign currency online, collect and pay for it directly at our office!

Our office is centrally located at Eilat Government Offices Complex, (“Ein Hachatul” St.) Israel.
All foreign currency orders, except dollars and euro will be kept in our system for three business days according to the exchange rate of the order.
You can order foreign currency in advance and it will be kept for more than three days, according to the day you wish to collect the currency, the exchange rate will be determined on the day of the transaction.
The transaction payment is made on collection.

Euro and dollars cannot be ordered online!


Purchase Foreign Currency in Installments

You may purchase foreign currency and pay in installments, the exchange rate will be set when you collect the money. Today it is easier than ever to travel, enjoy and shop at comfortable terms that suit you!


Customer Services

For additional information and queries, please call us : 08-8557300 or 050-4207770 we will be happy to be at your service!